How to Improve Click Through Rate In Your Emails

Sometimes, while making email marketing campaigns there are situations when you think you do everything the correct way, but, unfortunately, your CTR (click through rate) is really low. Imagine, you do everything to optimize your newsletter email templates, you test your subjects/titles, you spend a lot of time testing your texts, but results are the same: your subscribers are not clicking linkg at your emails.

We are here to help you solve this issue. Lets start with some theory. Click through rate is the percentage of clicks on the link in your email to the number of total views of email. It reflects if people are really interested in the info you send them. It results in your sales, registrations or leads. To know what is a good CTR for you, you need to research your niche as CTR differs from niche to niche. It also differs if you use spam tools or send emails only to your subscribers.

So, here are some tips on how to improve your clich through rate in emails:

1. Include only one main call to action

If you have a lot of calls to action in you email, your main one gets buried, so the readers might not to see your link and won’t click it.

2. Sort your list

I’m sure there are subscribers with different interests, different age, etc. on your email list. So, your email can’t be relevant to all people in the list. You need to sort your list and to make segmentation of it. By doing this you’ll be able to propose different content to different groups of subscribers. It will avoid sending many irrelevant emails, improve the quality of your email sendings and CTR in your emails.

3. Clean up your list

Your subscribers are always changed. You should remember this. Some emails in the list are lost, some users use different email providers, etc. There are many people in your list who have stopped opening your emails. You’ll do a great thing for your business if you’ll delete these subscribers as such subscribers haven’t any purpose for your email campaigns and only decrease your open rate, your CTR.

4. Include a link several times

Including several links in your emails will increase the chances that subscribers will click on them and your goal will be achieved. But, of course, don’t include too many ones. 3-5 links all over email body is ok.

5. Make the click motivated

Interest your customers. What value should they get when they click on the link in your email? Explain exactly what is their benefit. What is the reason to click on the link. Offer some value to them.

6. Include Video

When video is included in email, the CTR increases by 100-200%. It is proved by a lot of email marketing researches. You can host the video on Youtube or Vimeo. Its ok.

7. Include buttons

Buttons stand out, too. So, using a button of bright color will prompt readers to click.

8. Animated GIF

It will draw attention to your call to action and it will make subscribers to click.

9. Include more images

Images will attract attention to your text and it will boost your CTR on call to action.

10. Use special words

You can increase your CTR dramatically if you’ll use some special keywords in your call to action.

Here are some of such words:

  • Bonus
  • Free
  • Get
  • Only
  • New

So, if you’ll implement the steps above, I’m sure your CTR will be increased and you’ll see a positive impact on your business.